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Bye-bye Bali belly – food safety for travellers

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How many of your travel memories (both good and bad) relate to food? I have plenty, but two stand out for very different reasons:

  1. San Sebastian, Spain: exotic pinxtos enjoyed during idle days and nights (blissful!)
  2. Ulaan Bataar, Mongolia: cheesy omelettes and the worst food poisoning of my life (disastrous)

Not only can a bout of food poisoning make our travels terribly unpleasant, it can also lead to missed flights and tours, travel insurance claims, and extra costs you weren’t banking on. A little bit of food safety know-how goes a long way for worldly nomads!

We’ve made this handy infographic for quick reference. Download a high resolution copy of the food safety and nutrition for travellers infographic (PDF).

An infographic summarising the food safety information in this article

High resolution PDF is available for download from this blog article.

Many thanks to my fellow dietitian Natalie Campbell who researched this article with me, and to Student Flights at UQ for allowing us to run a nutrition education session on food safety and nutrition for travellers with your agents.


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Photo by Lisheng Chang on Unsplash