Foost educators and kids at a cooking class

School holiday food fun with Foost

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I really enjoy volunteering, especially when it’s related to food. I’m always on the lookout for new ways to get involved in the nutrition field and to practice the skills I’m learning at uni. Last month I volunteered with Foost, helping to deliver kids cooking classes in Brisbane.

What is Foost?

Food prep for our nachos wraps

Food prep for our nachos wraps

Foost is a team of dietitians, mums and educators with a passion for food and being healthy. By sharing simple strategies, delicious recipes and fun activities, Foost helps to create a healthier and more relaxed food culture in homes, schools, workplaces and communities.

The Foost website is a treasure trove of recipe ideas, nutrition information, and also has an online store when you can buy Foost’s kid friendly kitchen knives and other goodies for your mini sous chef. I bought my 2 year old niece the Foost First knife and she is loving helping her parents in the kitchen!

Why should kids get involved in cooking?

Children can help with cooking and food preparation from a very young age. It teaches essential motor skills and encourages curiosity and experimentation with food. Kids can also learn the importance of being careful and clean in the kitchen.

Check out Foost’s age-appropriate guide to cooking with kids.

Kids cooking workshop – nachos wraps with guacamole

Kids participating in a Foost cooking class

Learning, cooking and eating with all five senses!

We ran 15-minute cooking classes with children aged as young as 2 years old. I was impressed by the children’s willingness to get involved, follow directions, explore new foods and push their own boundaries. The looks on their faces after making their own nachos wraps were priceless! They were very proud of themselves and almost all of the kids tried their wraps. This was especially impressive as many of the children hadn’t eaten a lot of the ingredients on offer (e.g. kidney beans). Being involved in food preparation, seeing other children explore news foods, and creating a positive no-pressure environment helped the children become confident and brave with trying new foods. Many parents were equally impressed by their children’s cooking abilities and adventurous ways!

If you’d like to give the nachos wraps recipe a go, I would recommend it. It was super easy and delicious!